Welcome to the Zuligen Donor Store!

Here are some of our features:

  • Free fly mode using /tf where you earn flight time from playing on the server and voting
  • Separate Easy and Hard difficulty survival worlds
  • Dollar based economy with a shop at the Easy spawn (and soon to come for the hard spawn) with chest shop for any missing items that players want to sell
  • A creative world with plots that are 100 by 100 that are bigger than your bedroom that you play (ed) with Legos in.
  • No greifing or stealing from players
  • Want to brawl with your friend? PvP them anywhere you like in the Hard world (pvp is disabled in the easy world)
  • A Pok√©mon style feature where you can throw normal eggs at passive creatures to capture them for later
  • Silk touching spawners, marriage, a discord chat link, a global map viewable on our website, a massive decorative head database and much much more

Anything that is bought on this store will give you access to a private donor chat on our discord

Come join us for friendly staff and players who you will get to know well. 
If you have any concerns, our staff is there to listen

Server IP: p.zuligen.com
Website: http://zuligen.com/#